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Blastocystis is

Published on 07-13-2018

"anon53360" - this is their first post.

What is the best herbs or herbal formula for Blastocystis. I’m presently taking Purge Paracits for the fifth day of a 30 day regiment with a five day break in between. I have over 100 sample Chinese herbs and wondering it nessisary to combine with Purge Paracitis.

Xie Xie


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Herbs: huang lian, ya dan zi

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jul 2018

I can’t comment on combining Chinese herbs with the current western herbal formula you are using, but according to this study, the two herbs which showed the strongest effects on blastocystis in vitro were Ya Dan Zi and Huang Lian.

In general, however, you do not take Chinese herbal formulas this way - you first come to your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms and largely treat that (i.e. the underlying causes) and then tailor to your individual manifestations (see "how to choose a formula for more on that). I would suggest you consult directly with a Chinese Medicine herbalist in your area and have them create an appropriate formula for you.

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comment by "anon53360"
on Jul 2018

Thank you for responding to this inquiry.


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