Blood stasis in uterus and legs / herbal formula

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Blood stasis in uterus and legs / herbal formula

Published on 03-29-2021

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54 year old female who presented with multiple uteri fibroids (myomas). At a recent visit to her gynegolist, her largest fibroids were measured at4 cm and 3 cm. Surgery recommented. She has have very heavy periods with dark bleeding. About five monts ago she satred to fell numbness and thinkling in her both legs, mostly in her soleus and toes. Feeling is symmetrical. Neulogy has found no reason for these symstoms. Blood ferritin has been many years very low because of the bleeding during periods - in january about 6 (Should be at lest 30). No other symptoms. What would be the herbal formulation to added to resolve this situation?

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Formulas: ba zhen wan, shao fu zhu yu wan, tao hong si wu wan

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2021

She should consult with someone locally as online is a poor substitute for in person diagnosis and direct detailed questioning. But, from what you present here, I would lean towards something like ba zhen wan with tao hong si wu wan or shao fu zhu yu wan.

It can be difficult to both tonify the “blood” (in Chinese terms) and move stagnation so proper monitoring of the person along with balancing of the herbs (which could take 2-6 months to be fully effective, assuming they are correct for that person).

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