recurring boils

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recurring boils

Published on 03-29-2021

"Henix_Susan" - this is their first post.

My husband and son have been getting boils for more than 2 years. There are 3 other females in the house, but we are all unaffected. I have never tried TCM but am willing to give it a try. We have tried various herbal remedies over the years but they still keep coming.

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Patterns: spleen and stomach damp heat

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2021

Generally you want to see a practitioner because the boils are only the end result of any number of potential causes internally. It is something that should be able to be resolved with TCM, but will require careful diagnosis of the underlying causes and then application of proper treatment. In Chinese medicine terms this may arise from damp-heat (for example, spleen and stomach damp heat). But they may also arise from other immune dysfunctions - perhaps an illness that never quite cleared or cleared correctly (in that case your practitioner will tailor the treatment more towards that end than the symptom or boils).

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