Burning sensation on upper back

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Burning sensation on upper back

Published on 12-17-2015

"Aci" - this is their first post.

Hello ,I had my first acupunture treatment 3 weeks ago for low back pain ,i got bruises from needles point , since that time I have burning sensations in my upper back (worst at night) and burning sensations on both finger ,arm ,and wrist should I see neurology ,please help , any assurance /advice / information would be most appreciated.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2015

I’m sorry to hear about this and this is certainly not normal. One important question first, however, did you see a fully licensed acupuncturist? or some other professional (PT, chiro, physio, etc.) who does “acupuncture”. If you saw another type of professional, you should see a fully trained and licensed acupuncturist and this type of poor treatment will be unlikely. If who you saw was a full Chinese Medicine practitioner, you should see someone else. While an occasional bruise from a needle happens and is somewhat common and generally harmless, bruising from multiple needles during a treatment, particularly a first treatment, is just bad technique.

Even from bad technique, however, problems from acupuncture are rare. So the burning you are feeling is probably just from the bruising and it should pass fairly soon. There is a possibility for nerve irritation from far too aggressive/deep needling (not common with fully trained acupuncturists in countries with licensing) - but even that will heal in most cases it just takes longer; possibly up to 12 weeks.

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comment by "Aci"
on Dec 2015

Thank you Very much for you answer ,

I went to Licensed actual Chinese acupuncturist Physicians and The acupuncturist perform electro acupuncture needles ,Chinese message , soon after treatment I can feel blood rushing on my upper back , I ask him why am i having that sensations? ,He said what I’m feeling is blood circulate , I’m still having the same sensation but is burning feeling on my back now , I have hope now that all these symptoms will be gone at some point , I Forgot to mention I have had treatment in the past for bad migraine, and I was Cured with Acupunture , but I remember it was very gentle treatment , I will consider trying it again in the future with different Acupunturist for my low back pain. Thank you once again.

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