Congenital muscular dystrophy

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Congenital muscular dystrophy

Published on 11-30-2009

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Dear friends, I need your advices to treat congenital muscular dystrophy(merosin negative). I want to use Yamamoto new Scalp Acupuncture technics. What do you think about CMD? May acupuncture treat CMD?

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Acupoints: ex tian dong, gb 19, gb 20, gv 22, si 16, st 36, ub 9

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    try chinese medicine pill: <Jian bu pian>, it can use on serious muscle lose power symptom.

    thank you


    Feng Mei

    Posted: 12-01-2009

    Thanks. I will try and write back here.

    Posted: 12-02-2009

    thanks for advice. is there any side effects of these pills which you know?

    Posted: 12-02-2009

    Our protocol for Muscular Dystrophy is listed below. We do use scalp and body points, but do not rely on scalp only acupuncture (our own bias).

    We use a combination of strong tuina (massage) and medical qi gong (tong ren therapy, specifically) to start treatments, then use needling, and then finish with more tuina.

    MD Treatment Points:

    <li>Huatuo of C1, C2, T1 (bone marrow/bone problems), and T2 (thymus gland)</li>
    <li>Tiandong (extra point to effect the vertebral artery)</li>
    <li>GB 19 - muscle/coordination issues</li>
    <li>Also SI 16, GB 20, GV 22, BL 9, ST 36</li>
    <li>Tuina would be SI 16, huatuo area of C1, C2, T1, T2 - qigong drawing energy from GV 20 bai hui down through C1, C2, T1, T2</li>

    Posted: 12-02-2009

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