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Plantar Fasciitis

Published on 11-26-2009

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I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my left foot and have been in quite a lot of pain with it for about 18 months. It hurts when I walk or put any pressure on it. I am a second year acupuncture student and my colleagues tried a treatment on me where they needled the aishi points on the left foot, and also burned a little thread moxa on the painful area. However, this treatment gave me no relief at all from the pain. I think it is difficult to pin point the exact point of the pain as it is more in the general area of underneath my heel and at the back of my heel.

Please has anyone got any ideas for acupuncture treatment or any other advice to relieve the pain such as stretching exercises etc.

I would be very grateful for anyones advice.

Thank you

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This is definitely a treatable condition but some self-help techniques and proper shoes are also important. As the previous poster noted, needling the most sensitive areas is usually not that effective - possibly even counterproductive. What is effective is to focus on loosening the calf and the achilles tendon (to avoid pulling the fascia on the bottom of the foot) - KD 3, UB 60, UB 40, UB 57, GB 39 - and then some local needling on points like SP 3, SP 4, KD 2, etc. to reduce local inflammation. We also use huatuo needling at T7 and L3 to faciliate circulation into the leg/foot.

On your own, the best technique is to roll either golf balls or some like a frozen water bottle (not my favorite) once or twice a day to give your self some self-massage and keep the stretching the calf. Looking at your shoes is also incredibly important. No flip-flops (they cause this) or high heels and avoid being barefoot excessively. , while arguably low on the fashion scale, are often extremely helpful with this condition.

Posted: 11-27-2009

Needling the plantar aspect of the foot is usually painful and in my experience does not help much. my advice to you is to get your hands on a cheap TENS unit. It works through sticky pads instead of penetrating the skin.

Turn it on, until you feel the current but it is still comfortable. 30 mn. every day.

also never walk barefoot. always shoes with good arch support, stretch the foot by bringing the toes toward the knee.

I have treated many cases like this. Be patient it will take a while!

Posted: 11-27-2009

Try chinese herb medicine pads: HuaTuo Feng Shi Gao, or other Feng Shi Gao or Die Da Gao, every day put at least 8 hours, 7 days for a treatment term. everyday before sleep use herb wine like Die Da Jiu 3 spoons with hot water soak feet 30 minutes.

Thank you


Feng Mei

Posted: 12-05-2009

In regards to your inquirey, I would suggest as well the KD5 with the bleeding technique, and if possible, try Homeopathy with: Silicia, Phytollaca, and Ledum palustre, alternating treatment. These will ease and "liberate" the entrapped fascia, tendons a/o ligaments in the plantar area. All the best...

Posted: 12-30-2010

Treatment of the Ahchi or trigger points in the muscles of the back of the calf by acupressure, needling or microcurrent can be helpful in this condition.

Posted: 01-12-2012

As a body worker I too turn towards enhancements in the circulatory & kinneaceollogy i.e. aspects of the muscle bone, sinus connection systems. Specifically the Mio-fossil-release method of stretching and holding sinus it the hyper extended position for several minutes , use your spare (sit down time) to thump with both hands the heals. In acupressure the Eight vessels and the twelve channels all for the most part ether begin or end in the lower legs, specifically the lower legs. Massage the lower legs and feet, sit with one-(heal of foot) on top of the other heal dig in and grind the upper heal into the lower heal and foot. In short, massage the feet and lower legs. the use golf ball next soak and relax the feet in hot water then use the frozen water bottle then massage and soak again. This massage and to relax, then hot and cold hydrotherapy method is one of the foundation treatments of the Naturopathic methods. What I’m saying is work up the legs further more proactively more manually and remember to stand walk and move in a slower-more concisely grounded fashion. Try putting a hand on a stabilizing rail or doorknob or wall and rotate the feet one-foot at a time in a up down and spiraling fashion. Use weights if you like, shake it out. I would think that the effectiveness of your needling treatments would be much-enhanced if you would address the acceptance/relaxation issue in your lower legs and body 1st. lastly use Tipping (EFT) see youTube but you use it on your feet throughout your day and the treatments described above. Use a vibrator to shake it up and help them relax as well Good luck. Keep tapping’ from the knees down!

Posted: 03-18-2012

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