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Coriolus Versicolor

Published on 10-16-2014

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Hi there - I'm hoping to 'speak' to Chad Dupris..... I'm a friend of Tom Wilson's here in the sunny Algarve. He thought maybe you could answer a couple of questions for me.....

I was diagnosed with dysplasia CIN 3 recently and am trying to avoid the surgical option. A good friend of mine who is a trained herbal doctor recommended Coriolus Versicolor. Luckily I found that here in the Algarve and have begun taking 6 x 350mg per day. Since then, however, my period is over 2 weeks late..... I have done 2 tests which read negative and have an appt booked to see a gyni. Just wondering if Coriolus Versicolor may have affected my cycle and IF i am pregnant - is it safe to continue taking it...?

Thank, Dani

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Oct 2014

    Yes and yes would be my answers with caveats. The functions and clinical effects of coriolus versicolor are somewhat well studied but not broadly by any stretch. It is seen as having anti-cancer affects and in some countries, Japan most notably, it is a common mode of treatment for certain cancers (esophagus, colon, etc.). Generally speaking this would be safe during pregnancy as it is largely an anti-oxidant with anti-cancer properties, but there are no clinical studies that I know of looking at potential implications with pregnancy.

    As far as whether or not this could influence your period - probably not directly, but the stress of dealing with cervical dysplasia could easily do just that. I would wait to see if you are in fact pregnant before exploring whether or not your period was modified. More than likely, even if it did contribute to a change, it would be a one off event and by most views probably a good thing which shows your body recalibrating hormone levels.

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    comment by "Madcapcreations"
    on Oct 2014

    Thanks for that Chad - I know now I&#39m not pregnant, so I just have to work on the dysplasia now.

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