Dong Gua Ren how to use it

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Dong Gua Ren how to use it

Published on 10-19-2019

"anon139097" - this is their first post.

How do you use it? Boil the water add to whole seeds, crushed, or ground? Can it be chewed or swallowed? How much to use? I boiled 1 tsp whole seed daily for 1 week nothing. So maybe I need to it another way but some seeds swallows can a person sick so I’m asking how.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Oct 2019

It would greatly matter what you are using it for? When you say you took it for one week and “nothing” happened, what were you trying to accomplish and what reasoning were you using for selecting dong gua ren?

Further I would caution non-practitioners in general against treating themselves, but perhaps more clearly against using individual herbs. For the most part you will both get a better result from first having a very clear diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms of what you are trying to resolve (see “how to choose a formula” for more on that) and, two, accordingly choosing an appropriately balanced formula or formulas based on that diagnosis.

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