Acupressure points for back pain, blue lips and numbness

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Acupressure points for back pain, blue lips and numbness

Published on 10-20-2019

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A couple of the children I work with have stated my lips are blue. When I look under my tongue, it definitely is blue. I injured the mid portion of my back while helping to move furniture last week. While sitting and reading, a sharp pain went across my back, then yesterday when I sneezed, that pain struck again. I’d been icing off and on and taking acetaminophen.

According to my doctor, GP, I’m in excellent health for my age, mid 60’s bc of just having to take 2 perscriptions and not having a weigh problem and I’ve taken tai chi classes regularly for 20 years. I’d been trying to hold Planks for one minute every day, and I wonder if that started my back pain.

Before all this I’d been noticing my hands and arms and my legs feeling somewhat numb. I’m thinking it’s probably time to start seeing the acupuncture doctor again, which I haven’t been to for over a year and a half. I think I want to go someone else, but don’t really know how to tell how much experience one has. We don’t have a lot of you Acupuncturist in our area, prob less than a hand-ful.

I’ve been doing acupressure on myself for years but feel overwhelmed at the moment on what to do to help. Any ideas?

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