Element Points origin

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Element Points origin

Published on 06-16-2012

"FatLama" - this is their first post.

Hi Guys,

I am having difficulty in understanding how “command points” (elements points) from each meridians fit into the foundation theory of TCM, so I am researching for the backgrounds, hoping to make some senses into this “command points”~!

I have been searching for the “where about” it comes from? Is it from any classic theories, like the Yellow Emperor and/or 81 Difficulties? And where about may I find from those classic theories?

Thanks for reading and answering in advance~!!

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comment by "anon57843"
on Jun 2012

Hi there

What system are you studying? Is it 5 element, or TCM with emphasis on distinct patterns? Knowing this makes it easier to reply in a meaningful way.

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comment by "anon109564"
on Jun 2012

knowing well that it is difficult to make one understand what are command points I suggest you to learn about two things first

1. ELEMENTS : they are different stages of a process. Every thing and any thing is a part of an on going process!

2. THE TRIPLE HEATER MECHANISM : A preinstalled (in mother&#39s womb) mechanism in human body responsible for generation and distribution of energy through a large network of meridians for the body&#39s day to day work.

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