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Fellopian tube blockage (12/2021)

Hello friends Could some of you enlighten me on types and causes of Fellopian tube blockage and suggest acu points and tretment methods? I shall be thankful

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Spinal subluxtion (9/2013)

Dear Thomas Kent,Answer is yes,A of looking at spinal vertebrae is: Co +S5 +S4 +S3+ S2+S1 =>WaterL5 to . T12 => MetalT11. . to . T6 => EarthT5. . . . to. .C7=> WoodC6. . . . .to .C1 +...

Gooey eyes (9/2013)

Dear Chante,You got relief?Chad is right, it seems to me as well.If you go to cure (your condition) in traditional way at least 5 to 6 points may have to be punctured.Here is recommendation of Biji MeridiansRent Liv3, Tone LU10...

Ankylosing spondylitis (7/2013)

Dear Maxblau (should we call it spondylosis?)It is a cold condition all right! I have been talking about it for nearly an year now: Traditional Chinese Vertical Meridians carry mostly yang energy and cannot solve the problems related to cold...

How to find suitable acupuncture points for type2 diabetes (5/2013)

Dear Kupy,1. Did u know when current flows in a wire a magnetic field is created arround it (in perpendicular plane - Flaiming&#39s left / right hand rule)2, The fact that electricity is generated in secodary coil as a response...

How to find suitable acupuncture points for type2 diabetes (5/2013)

Dear kupy,u r right!I shall recommend the use of horizontal Biji Meridians for upper and lower varieties of DM type II with sedation of LU9 (dryness of Pancreas) and tonification of H7 (heat of pancreas).

How to find suitable acupuncture points for type2 diabetes (3/2013)

<div>Accupuncture alone can cure </div><div>Mishra&#39s Acupressure speaks: Type two Diabetes: Date value mg%Jan 18 --- 216% Feb7 --- 239% --Treatment with diet regulation startedFeb23 --- 152% March11 -- 109%Treatment: LU8 and LU7 both tone P5 sedate both sides, K7, K5...

Lipoma (2/2013)

Dear Nepal,Apart from Huato points what other points did you use and what was the frequency?thanxk k mishra

Yin or yang (11/2012)

Dear cappuccinofrost,Yours is a &#39Deficiency of Kid Yang&#39KKM

Lipoma (10/2012)

Dear Chad DupuisTransformation being job of Spleen and Kid why not suggesta) break stagnationb) tone Spleen QiBeing 74 Kid and Spleen may be deficient must be confirmed thoughregardsK K Mishra

Advice Needed - Tongue Photo Attached (10/2012)

Dear Jiffy88,Yours is a yin problem since childhood. Any force can be bifercated into two components - horizontal and vertical. The tongue shows horizontal circulation problem. If your B.P. is normal:SP4 tone (RT) P6 sedate (Left) SI3 tone UB62 sedate...

Very healthy 34 yr old woman Sweaty Palms (8/2012)

I am sorry to say that sweat is not lungs function rather sweat is heart function! One ought to find if it is spontaneous or sticky sweat- that will tell us yin def or yang def.you have very well noticed...

Very healthy 34 yr old woman Sweaty Palms (8/2012)

Dear KuberH7 is recommended on the basis of patient&#39s craving for hot food which has been inferred as deficient SP yang. It reveals deficiency of st-sp heat.The same point can be sedated if it is taken to be an excess!...

Very healthy 34 yr old woman Sweaty Palms (8/2012)

Dear honeykittenBiji Meridians , developed recently, stream meridian tone HT7 - single point. Please let me know the result after two/three sittings.regards

Deeply fissured tongue (6/2012)

from what you have said it is clear that:1. Px has chronic stomach yin deficiency (since early childhood)2. dry eyes suggest Liv yin deficiency - yang rising (if complains headache)we know that the Qi originalis goes toa) Lungsb) stomachThus the...

Element Points origin (6/2012)

knowing well that it is difficult to make one understand what are command points I suggest you to learn about two things first1. ELEMENTS : they are different stages of a process. Every thing and any thing is a part...

Treatment of vaginal varicose veins (6/2012)

Dear Joe McCormackMay I reuest you and Mr. feng mei to give rationale of points&#39 selection.thanks

Parkinson's Patient--Metal or Wood? (6/2012)

I think the neurotransmiters are produced in Heart (the pure fluid from kid through blood arrives here). P D is mainly due to lack of these neurotransmiters which is killed by killer cells activated by Spleen (auto immune disease). the...

Veteran with Headaches (6/2012)

<div>with normal or lowish B.P (Mention of B.P. and m.c. flow would have given better picture) .</div><div>1. Sp4 (tone left) P6 (sedate right): these will clear pathways of yin and send the yin down. Thus cervical and post op effects...

Backflow of QI (3/2012)

Hi there M,I think it would be better if you learnt the reducing and tonification methods from some practitioner in your area. Tonification is energy dispersing methods and sedation is just the reverse process.If you use copper and alumunium needles...

Backflow of QI (3/2012)

Dear M,I am pleased to tell you sedation means reducing method and tonification means just the reverse.You said"Well i believe i wrote in my first post that i don&#39t really have G.E.R.D. I don&#39t have any pain in the chest,...

Backflow of QI (3/2012)

Dear MarbleI should recommend the followingTone Sp4,(right) Sedate P6(left) If B.P. is normal. Clears path of Yinsedation of Liv2, Liv3, H8 Tonification Liv4 and Lu8 on left side. Expel and cut heat going to heartSp2, Sp3, Sp6, CV12, St36, St25,...

Hernia abdominalis (12/2011)

I fail to appeciate ur comments!I should rather go with sham disorder,suggest Liver Qi stagnation and deficient spleen ought to treat sp4 p6 sp6 st36 si3 tw6 st39 ...with other regular poins. You mostly follow 5 element theory and that...

Itching near the joints (12/2011)

A general rule : Horizontally symmetrical disease is a kind of allergy - expel wind Verrtical appearence of disease : neural ailment may have to expel both wind and heat

Treating damp heat w/kidney yin vacuity & overweight? Also, did epinephrine 'reset' me? (2/2011)

i have tried to go through the comments and discripton of rthings. what i find missing is noticing relation of teeth and endocrine glands. rt&#39s discription gives dual ipression one of loosing weight and other gaining weight .check again your...

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