Eye floaters and optical (visual) snow

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Eye floaters and optical (visual) snow

Published on 01-27-2014

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I suffer from eye floaters (small particles in my eyesight that flow and descend with the gravity direction) and visual snow when looking at bright areas (for example snow or clouds).

Contemporary medicine doesn't know the causes and doesn't offer any treatment at all.

I would like to ask what does TCM say about that matter. I found a very interesting article about that subject - just google "eye floaters tcm" - first or second match (itmonline.org).

What do You think about this treatment, is it possible to get rid of those problems?

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Jan 2014

    Based on your other post, I wouldn&#39t worry about this particular symptom until the underlying issues are addressed. Generally the liver system is involved. When that imbalance is resolved, yes, the floaters should simply cease. They are quite common in people with liver qi stagnation, among other patterns.

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