First time treatment left me uneasy...need advice

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First time treatment left me uneasy...need advice

Published on 08-10-2014

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I met with an acupuncturist and had my first treatment this week. The first meeting she spent 2 hrs with me and was very through. My second visit was an hour of actual treatment but I hesitate to go back. The first thing she did after taking my pulses was to tell me to remove my undergarments because one of the 4 needles needed to go into my perineum. The others went in my tailbone, chin and upper gum in my mouth. I was there for pain. Everything I could find indicated that was for infertility. Should I go back? Has anyone else had that done to them?

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    First, thank you! I feel better with your comment. Yes, she is a Five Element Acupuncturist. I went to her for side effects from oral chemo I've been taking for 10 months that including joint and muscle pain.

    The day after my treatment I was completely fatigued and spent the entire day in bed sleeping. I'm much better today. So maybe I'll give it another week before I decide. I've read so many articles saying how much its helped others in my situation.

    Thank you again!

    Posted: 08-11-2014

    Those are not commonly used points, for fertility or otherwise. It&#39s hard to generalize this to your case, however, as you don&#39t mention anything about your case in particular besides "pain". CV 1 in particular is not widely used, but it does have uses far beyond fertility. If you are seeing a five element acupuncturist, however, there is a commonly performed initial treatment that is similar to what you described. Do you happen to know the style your acupuncturist uses? or did she ever mention five element acupuncture?

    If she is a five element acupuncturist, what you are describing is a potential protocol that is used by some five element practitioners within the first few treatments. By the amount of time she spent talking with you and the points used, I&#39m guessing she was. Most, but not all, TCM practitioners probably wouldn&#39t spend that much time talking to you, but some do so it&#39s hard to generalize about. Further the majority of non five element practitioners wouldn&#39t use those points very often, if ever, and certainly not during the first treatment unless you have something very specific for which those points would be called for.

    Perhaps beyond all this, as you consider if you would go back, how do you feel? Did the treatment have any lasting effect? If so, go back. If not, decide if you want to continue with them or go somewhere else, but whomever you settle on give them at least 3-5 times before you decide on results.

    Posted: 08-11-2014

    Hi there

    I am a 5 element acupuncturist so, maybe I can help.

    The treatment you had was to clear what is known as a Ren/Du block. The Ren and Du vessels are the ones that form a body at conception - tho original building blocks of a being, and utterly vital throughout life. They carry the energy from all the other meridians deep into the body, like electrical conductors. If they are not communicating properly, they are &#39blocked&#39 and whatever treatments we do will not be as successful or powerful as they could be until this block is cleared. It is a big treatment, not just because of where the points are situated which makes it major for you to experience, but because it shunts energy back onto its proper tracks, as it were. Without it, it&#39s like trying to build a house that has no foundations. It can leave you a bit wrung out for a while but, will eventually help you feel much better.

    The block happens when someone has experienced significant interference in their life, either a major trauma or chronic illness. You have had both, and your history tells me this is an appropriate treatment. Your practitioner would know if you needed it by your pulses not responding to the first treatment you had - it is not uncommon to do it in the early stages of a course.

    Please ask your practitioner what she is doing and why: many patients do not want to know what is going on, many want to know everything, and we don&#39t know which is which until they tell us! I&#39m sure she will not be offended if you ask to know what she is doing.

    Good luck with everything. I&#39m sure you will soon feel the benefits of this most powerful and healing therapy, and I hope all goes well for you from now on.

    Posted: 08-13-2014


    I can understand your feelings of unease at such an intimate treatment, and when you hardly know your practitioner. As a Five Element practitioner I can confirm that it is one of the major blocks we look for and would treat early on in a treatment plan. Personally, I use this treatment rarely, and only after carefully considering all the information gathered at the consultation and pulse diagnosis.

    I agree with Yeoman, that if the Ren/Du channels do not flow freely, then little progress is seen in treatment.

    I do hope you are feeling better and wish you well.



    Posted: 08-18-2014

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