Frequent Urination

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Frequent Urination

Published on 12-08-2014

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How to Solve Frequent Urination or Urination Feeling?

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Issues/Symptoms: urinary disorders (lin disease)

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Dec 2014

    Again you need a proper diagnosis.... (and please search before you ask questions like this - all the information is here on the site already).

    Start in our urinary disorders treatment section.

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    comment by "Li_Acumagic"
    on Dec 2014

    Frequent urination can be related with many factors: UTI, cistitis, enlarged prostate, hyperactive bladder, the imbalance of the nervous system and immne function are the key factors. Acupuncture can balace both systems and relax the bladder muscles. Li Zheng

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