Hcv problem need cure

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Hcv problem need cure

Published on 02-24-2017

"anon132193" - this is their first post.

Dear sir
In my body anti hcv is detected and I want to know that is there any medicine to cure hcv and can it remove anti hcv bodies?
As per my test result of anti hcv Eliza method is "0.329.
Waiting for your reply.

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Acupoints: st 21

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See my reply to an identical question just a couple days ago Hepatitis C virus

Additionally this response from years ago:

If you are seeking treatment from an acupuncturist, I would ask them these questions as they are more familiar with your case. I will offer, however, our points for Hepatitis C as this is a more complicated condition that we have a fair amount of experience with. For Hepatitis C, we focus on our immune system points, huatuo of T1, T2, T3 (the bone marrow, thymus gland, and lung/lymph system respectively). Huatuo of T9 on the right side for the Liver. ST 21 on the right Side for the Liver/Mi…

Posted: 02-24-2017

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