Heat Damp or Cold Damp Pattern?

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Heat Damp or Cold Damp Pattern?

Published on 09-19-2011

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Hello everybody,

My condition is white thick sticky little yellow in the midde tongue, belching, stomach fullness after eating, stomach knot left side of umbilicus like something is pressuring strong from inside, gas in the intestines, little red eyes, at first 3 days constipation and fullness, then diarrhea nornal brown color bad smell, dry mouth, thumb hand fingers trembling, white little but hot urination, knot and constriction left side CV17, K25, goes away with acupuncture, little red eyes, low energy, swet sides of forehead, also I had last week to counterfeit 3 different emotional circumstances that came from the past and it was like it opened the pandora box in my head and past images and emotions came to present. Now I can smile but I still have this local constriction under CV17, no wind in the head or anything at chest.

I live in Corfu island, Greece and now the weather changes for autmn, I encounter such symptoms since I was young kid about 1-2 days before stable weather changes significantl and before rain starts to drop, or when I had to give an exam I had a knot in my stomach and now that I say this I remembered when I got depression at school age 8 and in the morning before arrive at school I was vomiting. This symptoms are almost same for last 7 years. Now the weather is 31oC, 70% humidity, cloudy, rainy, windy, hot in the day, cold dawn.

I went to my acupuncturist and we get off negative energy and emotions.

Something goes wrong with my stomach energy for long long time and 3 San Jiao. I need to start changed it.

How do u find if the pattern is cold heat or damp heat ? What points you suggest? Acupuncture or moxa?

Is there any acupuncture point that you are using for emotions having to do with the past?

Your comments are welcome.

Makis Mouzakitis

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Acupoints: gb 13, gb 20, ht 7, pc 6, pc 7, sp 3, sp 4, ub 60

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comment by "archived-user"
on Sep 2011

Your symdrone is Large intestine damp heat with Stomach heat and Spleen deficinecy, also may Liver fire, use points Lv3, Li4, St39, Sp6, St36, Ren12, Ren6, St25, Sp15, Pc6, Ren17 etc..

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comment by "feax"
on Sep 2011

Thanks a lot Feng Mei.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Sep 2011

For emotional issues arising from the past we focus often on GB 13 (more on the right side for these types of issues, compared to the left which is more for OCD, ADD, rumination type behavior). You can of course needle the point in conjunction with other relevant points, we, however, often do strong tuina on the right side of C2 (cervical disc 2 - which are the nerves that innervate that area) along with tuina in the frontal lobe area at the point. A treatment within our system might look like:

GB 13 (R)</li>
GB 20</li>
huatuo of T5 (heart) bilateral</li>
huatuo of T9 (stomach/liver) bilateral</li>
HT 7</li>
PC 6 with SP 4 - Yin Wei Chong Mai Extraordinary Vessel Pairing</li>
UB 60</li>

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