Herb Interactions?

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Herb Interactions?

Published on 05-18-2012

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Submitted By: lexiophile

I am currently taking zhi bai di huang wan long-term as prescribed by my acupuncturist for yin deficiency symptoms. Recently, I have also been taking minor bupleureum as an anti-viral because I had mono last month. I am considering going on birth control pills and am wondering if either of these herbs has interactions with progesterone- and/or estrogen-based birth control pills, or if they reduce effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. I doubt a western doctor would know the answer to this and would like to make sure I can take both zhi bai and bcp at the same time without risks before I start taking the pill.

Thank you.

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    comment by "archived-user"
    on May 2012

    The side effection of Birth Control Pill can reduce menses blood even dry it, this means BCP may cause body yin deficiency. The Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan is for increase body yin energy, balance body yin yang energy, if the patient is yin deficieincy. If you want take them both, you can seperate them at least 4 hours.

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on May 2012

    Personally I don&#39t think I would take both of those formulas together - it&#39s not technically wrong or inappropriate - it&#39s just my opinion. Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan should be used on a fairly short-term basis to clear a very specific set of issues. Tonic herbs, of which Zhi Bai falls into this category, are better avoided during this time. Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan can be taken with birth control without issue, however, if you are taking birth control for any other reason than birth control it would best to avoid it entirely and treat whatever issues you have properly with Chinese Medicine.

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    comment by "lexiophile"
    on May 2012

    Thanks, Chad. It is good to hear that I can take my herbs along with birth control simultaneously (I would be using them for actual birth control). However, I just realized that my herbs are not zhi bai di huang wan, they are golden flower&#39s modified version Nourish Essence formula. Would the added herbs in this preparation make a difference in the birth control? It seems that the fo ti affects the absorption of other medications in the liver (possibly affecting the pill)...

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