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Published on 07-19-2017

"ChadD" is an acupuncturist who lives in Minneapolis and has authored 64 other posts.

Just wanted to thank you for your assists with this. My son has been in a wheel chair for 11 years and have not straightened his legs since then. He weights 180 to 200 pounds and does not move that well. So if you know someone that can accommodate him

There are any number of acupuncturists in Houston and this school - (and I think one more?). The schools have student clinics which provide low cost (some even free) treatments that are under supervision with experienced practitioners. The fact that he is currently wheelchair bound doesn’t really make as much difference as you would think. The biggest issue is finding someone with some experience with more chronic conditions (cancer, autoimmune, etc.). That involves just googling, asking around, and the school clinic would be a good resource to ask as well. They would probably love to treat him as it is a challenging case, but one where there is always at least some notable improvement. I wish you the best.

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