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Published on 12-07-2016

"anon144929" - this is their first post.

I have a unique situation where my hypertension cannot be controlled by anything that vasodilates. I need something that will stop aldosterone without any other side effects. Every organ is my body is in perfect condition but my blood pressure is 190/100 due to too much aldosterone. All normal medications cause vasodilation and due to a surgical procedure anything that does, causes me to have diarrhea. I have tried every medication on the market - even a homeopathic called arsenicyn and nothing slows it down.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2016

Have you tried regular acupuncture treatments? That’s where I would start. Your acupuncturist can try to get to the deeper causal factors of your excessive adrenal gland function and aid more from the root than trying to combat the symptoms. As there are many possible causes of hyperaldosteronism you acupuncturist will need to sit down with you and go through your medical history and other symptoms, even the ones that seem irrelevant to you. Once they have a working Chinese Medicine diagnosis, then proper herbal recommendations, if there are any, can be made.

That said, most of the Chinese herbal medicines that could potentially be used for hypertension work very differently and more systemically than their western medicine counterparts. Effectively this makes the formula better tolerated at least and more effective at resolving the conditions at best. But to get to the right formula you will need to see a practitioner as they are not chosen by symptom, but by Chinese Medicine diagnosis - for more on this read, “What Does Acupuncture Treat?”.

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comment by "anon144929"
on Dec 2016

Thank you for the information. I was disappointed with acupuncture about 8 years ago when I tried it for nearly a year to try and heal the damaged vegus nerve. I spent a lot of time and money and it did nothing. I am extremely healthy other than the excess aldosterone. Mine started kicking in whenever I was hurt or injured and I have had a dozen surgeries at least. It is like I am in constant fight or flight syndrome but I don’t feel it, just my adrenal glands seem to get the signal that I am hurt. I am trying arsenicum album but so far it hasn’t touched it either. I have none of the symptoms of a depleted adrenal gland. My cortisol levels are high and I sleep 8 hours at night. Have tremendous energy and other than my body won’t keep up with my brain am fine.

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