Hypothroidism and hypertension

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Hypothroidism and hypertension

Published on 05-16-2015

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A new patient that I treated today has hypertension and hyPOthyroidism.I did a treatment for her hypertension which I had dx as Deficient Ht Yin.However, after treatment she got very cold and she usually runs hot and I think the treatment exacerbated her hypothyroid condition.I have not been able to find any info in my Chinese medicine books on how to tx hypothyroidism.If you can direct me somewhere for help I would much appreciate it.

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comment by "anon125171"
on May 2015

I guess the most “Chinese medicine” answer would be to ignore the Western Dxs-go by the signs and symptoms and the pulse and tongue.

But, generally, with hypothyroidsim I think about yang deficiency. However, you said this patient tend to run hot, so a more careful differentiation is needed.

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