Interupting Thought Cycles

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Interupting Thought Cycles

Published on 10-05-2014

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Submitted By: vegapunk

This is probably a long shot but what the heck!

Often times I get thoughts that keep cycling through my head over and over and over. Usually hypothetical conversations or fantasies. Once they conclude they start over again.

Even though it's normal for me, I do experience it as a problem when I have to spend time thinking about a problem or when I attempt to meditate. Hours would pass by without me having any say on what I spend my thoughts on. On the rare occassions I can focus on my objectives I move mountains! So the knowledge that 90% of thousands upon thousands of hours were just wasted frustrates me enormously.

What I'm hoping for is an acupressure or moxibustion point or two that I can use to 'interupt' the whole ordeal as it arises.

I should also probably mention that emotional energy(usually positive) is what drives it.


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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Oct 2014

    Acupressure on the left GB 13 and HT 7 bilaterally and moxa on KD 1 would probably be the easiest. But, complete treatment from a practitioner would be best of course.

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    comment by "anon71867"
    on Oct 2014

    There are many places on line to get information about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) . Here is one resource: . You can focus on anything you want to change - in this case repeating thoughts, but also pain, an emotion, etc. Then you tap on the indicated point sequence. My experience using this method is that it raises my vibration so that whatever emotional state or annoying repeating thoughts or a physical pain is lifted. You can use this as often as desired. It can help you establish new patterns of thinking.

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