Intractable idiopathic tinnitus

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Intractable idiopathic tinnitus

Published on 12-08-2009

"anon80427" - this is their first post.

Patient is mid 20's, female

Last january, aprox 1 year ago, she was exposed to some environmental pathogen, probably mold or dust or both, which brought on an attack of wind-cold type symptoms (i.e. copious clear nasal discharge) for several days. Afterwards, she became aware of a high pitched ringing in her ears which has remained constant ever since.

Apart from this, she shows signs of relatively mild blood and yang deficiency, and LQS which manifests primarily as a low core temp and cold extremities, pallor, and deep depression around her period.

Things already tried w/o any results:

Tonifying blood

Resolving local damp

Moving liver Qi

Draining Damp / Heat from GB channel

Local / Empirical points for tinnitus

Anyone have any ideas?

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Acupoints: ex taiyang, gb 20, gv 14, li 18, si 16, th 3, th 5, th 16

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2009

Tinnitus can be a difficult condition to treat in certain cases. Usually the more acute varieties get the best response but that is not always the case. What I use is the following:

Start the treatment with very strong and direct treatment on the huatuo area of C3 (nerves that innervate the eyes, sinuses, and the ear), TH16, SI 16 and LI 18 on the side that is effected (or both if appropriate). This will be somewhat uncomfortable for the patient, but it should be deep to open the circulation in the area.

Needling wise I would then use whatever general/systemic TCM points are appropriate from our Acupuncture for Tinnitus article or your own training and add in the following:

SI 16, LI 18, TH 16, TH 3, TH 5, GB 20, Taiyang

After the treatment, very deep tuina again in the areas you did initially and down the neck through the scapula region along the huatuo points. Then cupping on the upper back and GV line - GV 14 particularly given the initial cause. I use 6 cups laid out over GV 14 and right below and 4 to either side like


0 0


0 0

(a little closer than that, but you get the idea....) The two GV cups should touch with the first being centered over gv14.

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comment by "archived-user"
on Dec 2009

cold extremities means spleen def. deep depression mean liver stag. nasal discharge means catch a cold energy(wind) into head disturb ears. she is 20's old means kidney is ok not too weak.

she need tonify spleen qi, clear liver qi and head energy(clear wind) and tonify blood.

try " Ba Zhen Tang" pills or soup for support body qi and blood, if spleen weak too long time will cause inside heat outside(extremities) cold, try "Jia Wei Xiao Yao San"pills or Soup. Both for pills 3pills/time, 3times/day, for soup 3spoons/time, 3times/day, put it in refrigerator. must seperate from western medicine at least 2 hours.

thank you


Feng Mei

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