issue of urine drops

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issue of urine drops

Published on 12-16-2018

"Muaz_Al_Hashimi" - this is their first post.

i am male and my age is 40
i have a problem which is:

after finishing releasing urine in the toilet and coming out from there, some drops of urine come out from me…

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Issues/Symptoms: prostate issues (bph), urinary tract infection (uti)

Herbs: huang bai

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2018

You should probably consult directly with a urologist to properly ascertain the cause, but generally this type of issue is most often related to mild inflammation of the prostate - even if the flow is otherwise good, but almost definitely if the stream is weak, frequent and/or with dribbles. Infections and other possible possible factors (diabetes, kidney stones, bladder stones) should be ruled out as well - particularly if it only recently started happening.

Herbally speaking you do not choose formulas based on symptoms, but on your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms (see “how to choose a formula”). For your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine you would be best served by consulting directly with a practitioner in your area.

Generally speaking the formulas and approaches mentioned on our prostate issues page and our urinary tract infection page would be in the vicinity of what would likely be prescribed to you.

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comment by "Muaz_Al_Hashimi"
on Dec 2018

thank you for your reply

according to latest abdominal ultrasound the prostate size is fine and there is no any stones anywhere. also i don’t have any diabetes problem

i live in Saudi Arabia and unfortunately there is no any TCM practitioner here. so no way for me to consult someone directly here.

i consulted someone knows Greek medicine… he said i have extra heat and ask me to follow a diet to release this heat… i feel better with this diet but the problem didn’t finish totally… and diet program is very long.

another friend who studied TCM (but he lives in another country) advised me to order for (huang bai) and take it.

i went thru the links u gave me… i don’t find in my self any symptoms mentioned here for ( Liver and Gallbladder Damp Heat pattern)
there is no any symptoms written for ( Bladder Damp Heat pattern) so i can compare it with my status…

i hope these information can help you to decide which formula i should buy…

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2018

There are at least 3 practitioners in Bahrain and a few more on the west coast, so depending on where you live you can probably consult with someone locally (which is always best).

I strongly advise against taking individual herbs - they are most often used in formulations within Chinese Medicine for the ability to tailor the treatment to the individual. Huang Bai is in a number of formulas, however, some of which are potentially appropriate.

Again, particularly if all western tests come back clear, you really need to see a practitioner. The types of questions and details we would need to properly guide you is just simply inappropriate for an online public forum…

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comment by "Muaz_Al_Hashimi"
on Dec 2018

thank you for your reply…

Bahrain is 1600 km from my place… but u mentioned there is also some at the west coast. if you mean the west coast of Saudi then it should be near from me.

i hope if you have their details kindly to send it to me so i can visit them.

also wanted to ask if i sent you a picture of my tongue, will that help to decide my pattern and the suitable formula for me?

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