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Below you will find various relationships to, and potential clinical treatment approaches for urinary tract infection (uti).

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It is critical to appreciate that in Chinese Medicine, treatment for "urinary tract infection (uti)" is rarely focused on the symptoms exclusively. Alternatively, a practitioner is looking at the factors that led to the development of "urinary tract infection (uti)" - i.e. the "cause(s)".

For non-practitioners, we recommend reading treating the "cause" and not the "symptoms" for more on the overall approach and the importance of the TCM diagnostic system in formulating treatment approaches.

Within TCM, "urinary tract infection (uti)" is potentially related to one or more of the following diagnostic patterns: bladder damp heat, and/or liver and gallbladder damp heat.

The above patterns are common examples. In clinical situations, however, there are any number of other possibilities. Many times there will be a layered combination of patterns in an interwoven blend with their symptoms - some being the cause of an issue and the result of another issue. While initially complex, this is illustrative of the the web of relationships that Chinese Medicine is designed to approach.

Some acupuncture points are considered "empirically" related to a specific condition or diagnostic pattern. While this would rarely, if ever, dictate the entire composition of a treatment, the following points should be considered, possibly even more so within the context of acupressure:

  • View HT 8 (Lesser Mansion)

        When a loose fist is made where the tip of the little finger rests between the 4th and 5th metacarpal bones.

        HT Fire effecting the SI effecting the UB, heat descending to the lower jiao - incontinence, difficult urination, fungal infections, genital itching. Channel issues, sore throat, tongue stiffness, pain along the ulnar aspect of the arms. …
  • View ST 28 (Waterway)

        2 cun lateral to the AML level with CV 4.

        Excess Cold/Damp Issues of the Lower Warmer - retention of urine, inflammations. Gynecological issues of an excess nature - dysmenorrhea, fibroids, cysts. Fertility issues in women, cold in the uterus. Expel either the placenta after bi…
  • View UB 28 (Bladder Shu)

        1.5 cun lateral to GV line, level with 2nd PSF.

        Main point for all Bladder issues: from damp heat (painful a/or dark urination), from cold (frequent urination, incontinence). For damp-heat anywhere in the body, combine with SP 9 to expel dampness through urination - diarrhea, constipat…

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