Moxibustion to dispel heat?

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Moxibustion to dispel heat?

Published on 06-23-2019

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Because of the hot nature of moxibustion, it would make sense it’s beneficial against cold.

But Can it be used to treat too much heat ?

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jun 2019

Moxa (with the herb ai ye) isn’t so much “hot” as it is warming and moving.

So it is generally best for strengthening the body and moving stagnation. Now the strengthening aspect can be used with the correct points and application to aid the resolution of kidney yin deficiency (i.e. empty heat) for example.

It could also be used for trauma involved areas with heat and stagnation (i.e. a bruise).

And you can, again with the right points and technique, dispel heat say in a lung wind-heat invasion (i.e. cold with fever). The technique of moxibustion has a very broad array of functions besides just tonification and is certainly not limited to dispelling cold (which it can also be used for).

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comment by "anon133258"
on Jun 2019

okey, understand. Thanks for the explanation.

I was just wondering, as I am using it occasionally for ST 36… and I do have signs of yin deficiency and excess heat in the stomach. And was thinking if doing the moxibustion is actually benefiting these issues.

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