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Multiple diagnosis

Published on 10-15-2018

"anon159986" - this is their first post.

Hi! I was wondering how to find the right herbal formula for multiple TCM diagnoses. I was diagnosed with damp-heat, liver qi and liver blood stagnation, and kidney qi deficiency. How do I find a formula that addresses all these issues? Thank you!

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If you were diagnosed with those patterns from a Chinese Medicine practitioner, the best person to ask this question to is them.

You are asking a very loaded question and answering it is ultimately why practitioners spend years in study and decades in clinical practice to fully answer.

A couple general notes - (1) you wouldn’t actually have all of those patterns - you would have one or two more causal patterns and then other issues that are symptomatically/systematically related to these being off. Then, (2), you would generally focus on the root issues instead of of finding a formula (which would largely be impossible) to address the wide range of issues that are systematically intertwined. Along with (2) there is a general order to helping a patient with Chinese Medicine - while there are numerous exceptions you would generally clear first and the tonify later - so you would rarely, if ever, partially because it wouldn’t work in most cases, try to both tonify kidney qi, for example, and clear damp-heat. You would first clear damp-heat and then when that pathogen is gone, if necessary, you would tonify the root deficiency.

An extremely basic presentation of these concepts is found on our acupuncture treatment prognosis blog post.

Posted: 10-16-2018

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