Suggestions on how to treat edema of the head and fingers

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Suggestions on how to treat edema of the head and fingers

Published on 10-11-2018

"anon163056" - this is their first post.

I have an 87 year old patient that is presenting with what looks like edema of the hands. He complains of pressure in his fingers (which are swollen with tight skin, no pitting). His face is red all over. He has only slight swelling in his feet. He has sought treatment from western medical doctors and he says all his blood work came back normal. He says he has not kidney issues. He has a pace maker with defibrillator. His main complaint is the pressure he feels in his hands. His pulse is floating and strong and his tongue looks wet with normal to red color. He says a heating pad on the back of his neck makes his hands feel better. I have been utilizing acupuncture points to release the exterior, drain damp, move qi and blood. Nothing I have done seems to work. I am looking for suggestions for points or questions I can ask him.
Thank you

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Acupoints: gb 20, ht 5, si 3, si 13, ub 15, ub 23, ub 62

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What acupuncture points exactly have you used? How many times have you treated him? What medications is he on?

Posted: 10-12-2018

Thank you for getting back to me. I treated him three times so far two times a week. The points I used were:

First treatment

Li 4, Lu 7, Sp9, St 36, Li 6, Cv 4,9,17, Ki7, Pc6

Second treatment

Bl 12, 13, 14, 18, 22, 23, 39, Gv 9, 14, 16, Gb 20, Ki 6, Sp 9,3, Pc6, Li4, Lu7 and Baxie

Third treatment

Li4, Lu7, St36, Sp3,6,9,10, Cv 6,12, Li 10, Gv 20, Ki 3,6, Lu 1

I also used ear shen men and point zero

Posted: 10-12-2018

And what medications? What does his cardiologist think about this issue? And by wet on the tongue, do you mean a coating (white?, thick?) or no coating but clear wetness. Clear wetness is yang deficiency - not dampness, so you would need to be far more tonifying and far less moving than you are being. And if it the problem seems to be neurological/tension from the neck - why not a more straightforward treatment along the lines of SI 3, UB 62, HT 5, GB 20, SI 13, UB 15, UB 23.

Posted: 10-12-2018

He told me that no one knows what it is. One doctor told him he had lupus but he said his blood work came back normal. His tongue has clear wetness with a small amount of frothyness on the edges. There is not really a coat. Would tension in the neck cause edema and a red face?

Posted: 10-12-2018

Pacemaker with defrillator. Natural that his blood flow is impacted. I suggest on basic 5 elements principles, use SP1, after 4 weeks move to SP5. How’s is his food behaviour. Ask him to take deep breath exercises in early morning lungs special timings 3-5 am. Wish him a speedy recovery

Posted: 10-19-2018

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