Night sweats all year

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Night sweats all year

Published on 09-13-2017

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I know one thing I definitely have is night sweats. All year long. And I get hot spells too. Does that say many things or only a few certain things?

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Issues/Symptoms: night sweats (sleep hyperhidrosis)

Patterns: kidney yin deficiency

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Sep 2017

In and of itself it says nothing. For many people that would be a sign of kidney yin deficiency, but there are many other ways to get nightsweats than that pattern.

If you look through our nightsweats treatment options page, near the bottom where -possible- formulas are listed you will see below their name and general uses their functional category and subcategory - so for a few you see “tonify the yin”, but you also see “tonify qi”, “clear heat”, “calm the spirit”, etc. - so any of those (and more) are possibilities.

Generally you never take one symptom and use that to form any kind of conclusion - you take the entire range of everything, past and present and use that to form a working idea of how the symptoms came to be.

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comment by "anon154598"
on Sep 2017

Yes. I certainly appreciate your help Chad. I hear that you will be starting a private session of some type online soon. It sounds very good. My first instinct was to think, “Heat. Well if I am hot. There must be heat somewhere.” Perhaps not so fast. I am beginning to see that there are several ways to approach these things. But there is heat and then there’s fire. As in stomach fire. I don’t believe they are the same.

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