Old and complex problem of qi deficiency and stagnation

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Old and complex problem of qi deficiency and stagnation

Published on 12-16-2014

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I am writing a long message because I have a story to tell. I apologize for this long text.

I have been studying TCM for 3 years in 2 European acupuncture schools but without a real diploma, since I have not studied any western medicine and here , in Belgium, you need such studies to be a licensed acupuncturist. But I have continued reading many books and learning more by talking to my Chinese doctors. I had many, since I am moving frequently.
I have been practicing on myself , too, because sometimes the doctor got stuck and I could help by trying by myself.

i was very ill and, thanks to TCM, I am much better.

I had Hashimoto, low energy, horrible migraines and digestive problems. There were 2 components for the headache. A pressure on my face around the nose, and the nasal mucosa was swollen. And a temple pain afterwards, fixed,in the GB 5. point.

My history is also one of childhood anorexia and malnutrition, it seems I refused eating when I was only a few months old. I have always been small, thin, weak and had a cloud in my head and a preasure on my face, around the nose, which is swollen on inside although I don't have food alergies. I just have a slow digestion which make proteins hard to digest.I had migraines for 25 years, so bad that I had to go sometimes to the ER to get shots for pain.

No wonder I have started to study TCM for myself. If I I didn't , I would have died of hunger.

My tongue had a white coating and a light pink body, sometimes very red if I got stomach stagnation with heat. It also have lots of small cracks on the sides.
Now, after years of treatment, the tongue looks better, but it is still badly cracked.
The pulse is rapid, superficial, weak. it is less rapid now, after years of treatment.

The main diagnosis (from various TCM doctors in the last 4 years) was qi deficiency in the spleen, kidney essence deficiency, stomach qi and food stagnation with heat (the heat has gone away with the treatment)

My present doctor has been doing acupcunture for 6 -8 months, with some small breaks; mostly in Du 4, Du 9, Du 12, Liv 3, Du 11, Ren 6, St25, Ren 10, K8, Du 21, sometimes St 36

The herbs she has been using are: Dang Shen, Bai Zhu Fu ling, Shu Di Huang, Yi Yi Ren, Shao Yao, Da Zao, Gan Cao. Plus for stagnation :Chen Pi, Qing Pi, Shan zha, May ya, Ji Nei Jin. Something like Xiangsha yang + Liu wei dihuang. I can't take yet the pills though, my stomach prefers the tea.
When I drink the tea, I hear how the stomahc starts to move! It is a strange noise, like a very small dinosaur talking. It is a different noise than when the intestin moves.

The treatment is going well, I have more energy, less headaches, less stagnation in the stomach, but it is still very hard. I still can't eat enough to gain weight. I still feel malnourished. I don't eat sweets and cold food and raw food, of course. The proteins I eat as a separate meal, by themselves.

The problem that has appeared during the treatment is the following. When the doctor works on the stomach, spleen and I can eat much better, my feet get very cold and then the whole body feels cold. And constipation appears.
Then I add a bit more Shu Di Huang and use K3 point and I get warm feet again and the constipation goes away. (this is my finding, not the doctor's. ) But then the tea becomes to heavy on the stomach and again the stagnation appears and I am back where we started.

Somehow it is not possible to add the right amount of sweet herbs like Shi Dihuang because the need for it varies everyday. It depends on what I eat, how much I walk. The doctor can't find the right amount to harmonize the tea

The doctor says it is weird. She is stuck now. But she is a good doctor and we are trying together.

I think that the Earth destroys the Water. When the stomach finally becomes strong, it attacks the kidney.
Can you tell me if this is the case with the cold feet coming from the herbs and acupunture? It is good for me to understand and learn.

Do you have any advice about how to stabilize this neverending story between stomach and kidney and the other story between tonifying and stagnation? Would you add other herbs or points?
Is this all I can do and I should just be persisting in finding the right amounts of herbs? Or maybe there are more things I could try to put in?
It's been years. Maybe I am close and I only need a small change, addition that you can inspire me and her with.
Thank you!

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Dec 2014

    Could you attach a picture of your tongue so we can see if your current approaches are correct.

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    comment by "Rouaverde"
    on Dec 2014

    I didn&#39t mean to say I have studied 3 years in school, but 3 years in total, with reading and rereading books, with great passion. I don&#39t want you to think I know more than I do but I don&#39t want to look crazy because of selftreating myself sometimes. I am most of the time supervised. I didn&#39t finish any of the schools from various reasons, including money and moving frequently .

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    comment by "Rouaverde"
    on Dec 2014


    Not a pretty sight. I avoid looking too much at it in the mirror myself.



    Thank you!

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