Patient with one kidney

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Patient with one kidney

Published on 04-16-2010

"greeneyezkalina" - this is their first post.

> I am an Acupuncture Student in Toronto, CA. I have a friend whose
> father is currently receiving dialisis because he had a kidney removed
> and is currently only living with one kidney. I was wondering if there
> is any type of treatment and herbs that anyone can recommend for him?
> The medication he is taking makes him very drowsy and he is searching
> for Alternative Therapy. he has been living with one kidney for 18 years and is currently awaiting a transplant.
> As I am a student, I am not very familiar with this type of illness,
> however I am interested to learn and help this man at the same time.
> If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
> Thank you and have a great day,
> Kalina Trajkov

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Acupoints: cv 4, cv 6, kd 3, st 36

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2010

Acupuncture would certainly be appropriate but it is difficult to give much information without seeing the patient. There are some herbal formulas that would foster the kidney qi but if he is waiting for a transplant you would have to be extremely careful with what you use and, even better, be in touch with his doctors before prescribing anything.

To offer some points I would first like to know why his kidney was removed initially? How old he is and any other medical conditions that he has currently and any serious conditions he had in the past.

Generally, acupressure and/or needling on KD 3 would be useful as would CV 4 and/or CV 6, and ST 36 for general vitality and/or immunity possibly with moxibustion on any or all of the above. Again without a lot more information it would be hard to generalize treatment points, but the points for Kidney Yang deficiency (possibly qi or jing) would be appropriate.

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comment by "karkash"
on Apr 2010

iam so happy to such case of single kidney it IS so diffiacult to take a slow steps because rate of toxins accumulation {urea and creatinine} will exceed qi activation

but cupping{hijama} may help ,so wet cupping can extract urea and creatinine out

and all cases i had seen having end stage renal disease must had transplantation as a best solution

because deterioration of the patient will be very rapid because of ureamia and hyperkalaemia

thanks and go well

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