Possible Lung Qi / qi (vital energy) deficiency?

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Possible Lung Qi / qi (vital energy) deficiency?

Published on 02-15-2017

"anon168805" - this is their first post.

Hi All,

I am suffering from chronic anxiety. I consistently wake during sleep around 2-5am. I have a mucus build up in my nose. I have a wheezy chest. I am consistently tired and feeling drained.
I am currently on medication: Escitalopram 10mg once per day, lamotrigine 50mg twice a day.

The website recommends Huang Jing. Thoughts?

What can be done?

Thank you

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comment by "StephenS" (acupuncturist)
on Feb 2017

You would get the best results by going to a local acupuncturist or herbalist to get an appropriate diagnosis. For choosing herbal formula it is not as simple as matching a particular symptom to a specific formula. In clinical practice single herbs like huang jing are almost never used because it takes combinations of herbs working together to address various underlying imbalances.

In your case your symptom of anxiety could be related to the mucus/wheezing if you’re underlying pattern is something like phlegm misting the mind. Or the anxiety could be due to some form of yin deficiency while the wheezing\mucus could be due to dryness. Just based on what you said here isn’t enough to determine the correct pattern (which is akin to a diagnosis). This is why seeing and being diagnosed by a licensed practitioner is important.

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