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Published on 05-18-2016

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Can i also say that just in the last three days i have developed rather water saliva which is very irritating. I understand this could be to do with my spleen. Do you know how i could potentially get rid of this? Thanks for your help.

The easiest and most effective way to treat yourself so to speak, is with Chinese herbal formulas and moxibustion. The TENS unit and all of that is useless except in a few cases of pain and even then the actual effectiveness is debatable.

So I recommend the following:

  1. Get a 20 minute walk every day (not necessarily longer - more is -not- better) just enough to move some of the stagnation.

  2. Start meditating at some point during the day (ideally the same time every day) - just 10 minutes to start with then every 2 weeks move up 5 minutes until you get to 25 minutes. Then never go longer than that. If you need help read my article - “Simple Meditation Techniques”.

  3. The herbal component is difficult without having the benefit of inspecting you physically, but the easiest way to start and get you moving in the right direction would be to start with jia wei xiao yao wan with bao he wan (in teapills 7 of jia wei and 3 of bao he - 3x/day with meals). Then at night use suan zao ren (4 in the nuherbs brand that we have, probably 8 in others) about 1 hour before bedtime. If the nighttime herbs don’t work well - after giving it about 2 weeks, try gui pi wan (7) at bedtime.

  4. Moxibustion - get some moxa sticks (they look like cigars sort of) - and do moxibustion at SP 3, SP 9 and ST 36 5 days/week - preferably earlier in the day as it can be stimulating - just about 30 seconds or so each point bilaterally on both legs.

  5. Don’t do anything else besides trying to live a normal life - don’t do excessive exercise, don’t take strange supplements, don’t hold a bunch of points, don’t google your symptoms, etc. Basically, just try to let these things take hold and then let the fear aspect dissipate.

After you are starting to feel better and stronger, then work in some qi gong exercise or tai chi.

Give these recommendations at least 3 months before you are sure you are going in the right direction. Although you should feel at least marginally better within 10 days or so.

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Acupoints: sp 3, sp 9, st 36

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