Shoulder joint pain and arm pain

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Shoulder joint pain and arm pain

Published on 07-05-2019

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My shoulder joints have begun cracking and my arm are extremely painful. Sometimes I have to grab my wrist with the other hand and pull my arm up. Scary Palpitations but that’s not new. Shoulder joints very painful. We’ve been having a lot of rain around here. And I eat fast food and pop. I haven’t even been eating oats for a while. My lay suspicion, damp. The western Doc told me some time ago my liver wasn’t dong so good. So would the Kidney function be affecting them? Whew. A year ago I twisted my ankle and it’s swelled some. The thing is I talk to 2-3 DOAM or L.Ac. and get 2-3 different ideas. But that’s understandable, they are only graciously giving opinions. An MD would do the same thing. I worked once with a TCM practitioner on the internet and he sent some herbs and questioned me and then told me my symptoms were “all over the place”.
Does this sound like the evils? Damp I think is because of a weak Spleen.

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