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Spleen Meridian Acupressure

Published on 07-21-2019

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Hi There,

I am suffering from bowel disorder. Acupuncture, diet and mindfulness helped me a lot to control the disorder. My problem predominantly is constipation and flatulence also lactose, gluten and few food intolerances. I developed a great interest in learning the subject especially understanding TCM concepts and I’m inclined towards acupressure (so I can treat myself). I am learning the subject from professional acupuncturist. However, your website has been a great help.

At present I apply pressure on few points and it works miraculously well and rarely face any issue.

Recently I realised that applying pressure on spleen especially sp3 sp6 sp9 sp10 works almost immediately. Example, when I apply pressure on any of the above mentioned spleen points I get relieved from constipation, flatulence and lower limb heaviness by next day. I however don’t get the immediate reponse/any response with other meridians like st36, liv3, Li4, Li11, GB34 and etc. I suspected that I’m suffering from Dampness along with Fire and hence the spleen Dampness points are working well.

I also gone through the IBS topics on the website and gained enormous knowledge. How stress impacts Liver and how Liver affects Spleen and therefore disturbing the whole five elements chain.

My question is why applying pressure on Spleen points have quick response from my body and why other meridians don’t have the same response? It would be very much appreciated if you can shed some light on this


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