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Five Shu point theory (12/2021)

Hi, Only for the sake of argument I am considering He Sea Point. As we know He Sea point drains dampness through urine when stimulated generally perpendicular insertion of needle. How about tonification or sedation of SP9? does it still...

Luo Connecting points (12/2021)

Hi, I would like to know when we stimulate any Luo Connecting point, let’s say sp6 for the sake of argument, if we tonify sp6 will this process increase Chi energy in the kidney and Liver meridian/channels along with spleen...

Spleen Meridian Acupressure (12/2021)

Hi There, I am suffering from bowel disorder. Acupuncture, diet and mindfulness helped me a lot to control the disorder. My problem predominantly is constipation and flatulence also lactose, gluten and few food intolerances. I developed a great interest in...

Qi Adequacy in the meridians (12/2021)

Hi, We most of the time discuss the impact of Qi deficiency across the meridians. What about Qi Adequacy? What influence does it have on the body? Thanks Bharath

Method of Diagnosis (12/2021)

Hi, I would like to know from your past experiences about best approach to identify any disease or disorder. As we know there are multiple ways to determine the cause such as etiology, five element theory, energy analysers (electronic device),...

How to increase Jing? (12/2021)

Hi, I would like to know if we can increase Jing in our body? Also how to preserve it or not waste it. I’ve been hearing that fapping can diminish the amount of Jing in the body. Please can you...

Tonifying energies/acupoints in the meridians (12/2021)

Hi All, To start with, I started as a patient and developed immense belief in acupuncture after witnessing good results. Currently, I am learner as well as getting treated for bowel disorder. I got graph done on all meridians and...

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Qi Adequacy in the meridians (7/2019)

Hi Chad, Correct me if I misunderstood you on this, So considering the same example of Liver Fire as above, excess of fire in the liver meridian may be due to imbalance of it’s pertaining organ meridian i.e. gallbladder OR...

Tonifying energies/acupoints in the meridians (9/2018)

Appreciate your response Chad! It was very informative. I would like to know one last thing. Since you mentioned in your previous reply with acupuncture - bowel issues of all types can be treated within 2- 5 months, does that...

Tonifying energies/acupoints in the meridians (9/2018)

Hi Chad, Many thanks for your reply. Firstly, yes, I personally felt one or two sittings of treatment in a week is more effective than regular treatment i.e every day treatment. In the following meridians my energy levels are very...

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