The four levels?

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The four levels?

Published on 03-11-2018

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What is meant by “depth” of something. I have heard of “4 levels”. Wei chi, nutrition level, and a couple of other levels. It’s probably hard to get those yin/yang organs. The zang fu to balance each other. One tries to “destroy” another. Or weakens them. That’s something I have tried to figure out and I don’t get it. Well no one has really explained it to me.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Mar 2018

The four levels are:

  • Wei Qi or Defensive Level
  • Qi Level
  • Ying or Nutritive Level
  • Xue or Blood Level

The concepts of this and other concepts related to the depth or seriousness of a condition can be found on our Acupuncture Treatment Prognosis Guidelines.

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comment by "anon219571"
on Mar 2018


The zang fu to balance each other. One tries to “destroy” another. Or weakens them. That’s something I have tried to figure out and I don’t get it. Well no one has really explained it to me.

Chad explained about the 4 levels, but left this part out. Zo I’ll try to explain this part…

I think you are confused between the zang fu system and the Wu xing system here. But the things you describe sound Like you are trying to "get " the Wu xing here…
For an acupuncture “treatment” you must choose wich system you use, because you cannot Make a diagnose on 1 system and a treatment with the 2nd. I’ll try to explain the Wu xing system. Wx is a system based on the elements. Wood feeds fire (Wood Burns), fire feeds earth (turns to ashes), earth feeds metal (metal you can find in the ground), metal feeds water, and water feeds Wood (grow plants)…that cycle is the sheng or the feeding one. Like a mother feeds the child tot grow! There is also a controlling system, that prevents the child isn’t growing ,“too much”: Wood controls earth, fire controls metal (can melt it), metal controls wood (saw and tree), water controls fire (van put it down)……when those systems don’t work, a child van grow too big and become rebellious (turn against mother), or “eat” too much and make the mother empty because “grandma” isn’t feeding her enough. Or a controlling element can overcontrol, and hurt the controlled element and so on

Every element has a yin and a yang organ (exept fire that had two of both)

Element. Yin. Yang
Wood. Liver. Galbladder
Fire. Heart. Small intestine
Fire. Pericard. Triple burner (San Jiao)
Earth. Spleen. Stomach
Metal. Lung. Large intestine
Water. Kidney. Urine bladder

Thats why an organ can “attack” another organ, or feed it, control it and so on…

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comment by "anon154598"
on Mar 2018

So when organs are dominating and all the things you mention that I inquired about. Is that when regulating is used ?

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comment by "anon219571"
on Mar 2018

It looks like you are throwing together a lot of things…If I where you, I should buy a good book about tcm, like “the foundations of chinese medicine” from maciocia (may he rest in peace, diseased last week) and read it from front to back. Not because we don’t want to help, but because you are starting off from the wrong point, andere that doesn’t make it easier for you tot understand. Studiing tcm is starting over and over again, until you “see” it, and then you go a level deeper on the same subject. Also Maciocia isn’t the holy grale, but it is a good starting point.

You asked me in private something about your health. But it is almost impossible tot make a correct diagnoses without seeing someone. Also diagnosing yourself in tcm is very, very difficult. So I would reccomand you to see a acupuncturist in your neighbourhood to get a good diagnoses/treatment/advice.

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