Tong Ren healing for auditory hallucinations

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Tong Ren healing for auditory hallucinations

Published on 07-12-2016

"Sansei" - this is their first post.

Sorry for I’m not good at English…(I’m Japanese.)
Please tell me TongRen healing points for <auditory hallucination>.

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Acupoints: ex huatuojiaji, ex yintang, gb 10, gb 12, gb 13, gv 22, kd 1, th 17, ub 3, ub 4

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jul 2016

This is one of the few conditions that would depend somewhat on the patient overall, but the general points would be:

  • yinyang - calm the spirit
  • GB 13 - aid frontal lobe for anxiety, depression, OCD and a range of psychological issues.
  • UB 3 and UB 4 - aid frontal lobe with GB 13
  • GV 22 - balance frontal lobe
  • GB 10 and GB 12 - balance auditory areas of the brain.
  • TH 17 - open sky window - communication between the brain and the body.
  • huatuo at c2 - affect frontal lobe.
  • huatuo at c3 - affect hearing.
  • huatuo at T5 - influence the heart in Chinese Medicine terms - the mind in western terms.
  • huatuo at T9 - influence the liver system - smooth flow of emotions and clear energy stagnant in the chest and head.
  • huatuo at L2 - influence the kidney system - grounding and calming to the body.
  • KD 1 - ground the energy of the body and promote calm.
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