Treatment for Baker’s cyst in TCM

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Treatment for Baker’s cyst in TCM

Published on 12-27-2017

"anon40583" - this is their first post.

Treatment protocol for Baker’s cyst.

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Issues/Symptoms: bursitis

Acupoints: gb 34

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comment by "StephenS" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2017

First of all if you’re not fully trained do not attempt to treat this as serious complications can occur if you puncture the cyst. Second of all acupuncture needs to be customized and tailored to each patient based on the various signs and symptoms the present with. See “treat the cause and not the symptoms” for more on that.

That being said, I would use “surround the dragon” technique and damp draining points like GB 34. Additional support points would be customized to the patient just like for anything else. Moxa would probably be useful as well. I say probably because without knowing anything else about the patient it could be inappropriate. Treatment protocol would be similar to bursitis.

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