Treatment for muscle ganglions

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Treatment for muscle ganglions

Published on 06-12-2008

"yeclanika" - this is their first post.

Hi i am new to the forum and am looking for advice for my daughter who is a middle distance runner.

She currently has a knot in her right trapezius muscle - said to be due to stress whilst running.

I have tried intensive sports massage but cannot get rid of it.

Are there any other techniques I could use,ie acupuncture etc

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Acupoints: gb 20, gb 21, gv 20, si 12, si 14, si 15

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jun 2008

Acupuncture is extremely valuable for all pain conditions of any nature. I would recommend that she finds a practitioner in her area and tries a short round of treatment. Something on the order of 3-5 treatments would be enough to either fully resolve the issue or at least change it significantly enough to know that it is helping.

I could recommend some points for acupressure, but acupuncture is generally superior as you can stimulate multiple areas at once and use local points (i.e. where it hurts) and distal points which effect the body on a more systemic level to relieve the pain and tension.

There are a few articles I've done that you might find helpful:

<ul><li>Common Acupressure Points for Self-Treatment</li><li>Acupuncture Point Selection Guidelines</li><li>Generally speaking, points such as GV 20, GB 20, GB 21, huatuo of T1, T5, and T7, plus SI 12, SI 14, SI 15 would likely be some that are used.</li></ul>

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