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Published on 03-23-2021

"ChadD" is an acupuncturist who lives in Minneapolis and has authored 64 other posts.

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comment by "Emilia_Widel"
on Mar 2021

Thank you Mr. Dupois
Im interesting in a formula that in your store is out of stock Bu Fei Er Jiao Wan.
If is possible to get notify when is avalaible?
Best Regards.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Mar 2021

You can contact the store directly at Contact Our Store | Chinese Herbal Formulas - Yin Yang House Store . Many formulas due to certain ingredients or the formulas themselves are completely sold out due to both their use in covid and/or shipping issues related to covid. That particular formula may not be available for quite a while. But the folks who run the store can check and will update you when it is in stock.

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