Female senior , Ovaries , as / if related to Brain Health

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Female senior , Ovaries , as / if related to Brain Health

Published on 03-29-2021

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Reading regarding Brain Care , reference is made to the Ovaries/ Gonad - Hypothalamus -Pituitary interrelationships. Is this a subject or concept included among TCM practices ?
my primary question is , care of ovaries +
if willing , your guidance re Brain Care
( do you address specifically each area of the Brain? )
It may be of concern & of positive support in this case:
‘ ovaries not located/ not visible in scans.
excessive stress
tongue , some light coating , although fully round
( appears healthy? ) and moist .

Thank You !
Full Respects

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2021

I would start by reading “My Kidneys are What?” to get a better understanding of the system that is related to the sex organs and aspects of the brain (i.e. the “kidneys”).

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comment by "Faith022696"
on Apr 2021

Dear Chad , ! Thank You , seriously . Seriously needed !
This information is most welcome and potently meaningful .
I have just begun reading; I’d ask re your selected QiGong practice best supportive of kidneys (of these ,you’ve referenced several ) and which are accessible in youtube or otherwise online . I have also long questioned , your advised pressure/practice for each acupressure point . In this case , for tender Kidney meridian points . I do have moxasticks or wands . my previous TCM practitioner for himself also uses moxa boxes for lower back ( after treating others , especially necessary in the S F Bay Area )

And , ? Herbs ? Do you recommend , if without a doctor’s inperson examination ?

I hope this is easy for your energies , hopefully useful for others as well

Also , please tell where on your website does one donate ?
I searched previously…

Warm Best Wishes



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comment by "Faith022696"
on Apr 2021

( a p.s. ? Best times and frequency for acupressure and moxa for Kidneys treatment, care ? )

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