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HELP! - I don't know where to start with a case (12/2021)

Hello, I am a recent graduate of TCM (new practitioner). I had a new patient today that I need some guidence with. Age 53 Male Cheif Compliant: Back pain and Neuropathy in both lower legs and hands. He has a...

Pregnancy Back Pain (12/2021)

Hello, I have a pregnant patient coming into see me this week. She is experiencing upper and lower back pain, and extremely tired feet. Does anyone have any points they like to use for treating these ailments. Treating pregnant women...

Applying Master Tung Points (12/2021)

Hello! I am a new TCM graduate. I am currently trying out/trying to understand the use of Master Tung points and Dr.Tan’s Balance points. My question is, when you apply distal Master Tung Points or Dr.Tan balance points say for...

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HELP! - I don't know where to start with a case (1/2018)

Thanks so much for the encouragement! It can definitely be hard treating patients without the support of teachers and other colleagues at school. That is why I so appreciate blogs like this where we can ask questions and support each...

HELP! - I don't know where to start with a case (1/2018)

Thank you so much for the feed back! You have really brought some clarity to me in this case.

Pregnancy Back Pain (9/2017)

Thanks for the feed back! That is very reassuring. Also I read up on your write up, good stuff! -Logan

Applying Master Tung Points (8/2017)

Thank you Chad, your answer definitely helped me clairify my application process. Look at the bigger picture instead of trying to fix everything at once.

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