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Internal Tremor - legs mainly (12/2021)

Have you treated ‘internal tremor’ felt mainly in the legs and without obvious external shaking? Maybe related to Thyroid issues and/or anxiety. Would the heart meridian points be applicable as used in ‘essential tremor’. Kind regards. Tony

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Internal Tremor - legs mainly (5/2018)

Thank you Chad. Yes, I am a practitioner trained several years ago in ‘Western’ acupuncture but becoming increasingly interested and fascinated by these concepts and looking to learn and develop more. Your explanation offers more of an understanding to a...

Internal Tremor - legs mainly (5/2018)

Sorry, also there is a diagnosis of hypothyroidism but she is on the lowest dose thyroxine - 25mg - but I suspect the TSH level is low on testing due to the anxiety and related increase in inflammatory hormone has...

Internal Tremor - legs mainly (5/2018)

As. Expected the doctor gave propanalol - which have had an effect in calming the tremor (she says jitters) so with this in mind what points would you select if this is as appears, over anxious? Regards

Internal Tremor - legs mainly (5/2018)

Thank you for your reply. Other symptoms from a TCM perspective - yellow tongue and flushed face. GP wants to prescribe propanol for anxiety!

Hypothyroid - Where to start? (5/2018)

TCM will definately benefit you as in the responses here and your current treatment. This is maybe a Western medicine thought - there is an undeniable link between stress and hypothyroid diagnosis. Stress increases inflammatory hormone levels - typically cotisol...

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