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Corona Virus and western medicine (12/2021)

What is your opinion of combining Malaria drugs, possibly in combination with other western medicines, as a cure for Corona Virus? Also what is your opinion of using vaccines as an emergency measure?

Bladder infections (12/2021)

Can Shiatsu for back pain cause bladder infections? And if so, what can be done about it? Blockquote f so, what should be done about this?

Treating Severe PMS symptoms (12/2021)

I am treating a women with fairly severe PMS with Acupressure. She becomes deeply depressed and sometimes feels suicidal when she is premenstrual. I thought of Master and Couple points on the CV vessel… The succession being MC CC CM...

CV Master and Couple Treatments (12/2021)

How do I treat the Master and Couple points on the CV Meridian?

Is there such a thing as treating too many points at once in Acupressure? (12/2021)

I am doing GV Master and Couple acupressure points for a person’s back problems. She is also experiencing grief over the death of a loved one. Would it be beneficial to do different points for grief also in the same...

Acupressure with Extraordinary vessels (12/2021)

Is it advisable to combine the Master and Couple points of the Ren Mai and Du Mai Vessels?

Extraordinary Meridians (12/2021)

Is it advisable when appropriate to combine Master and Couple points of Ren Mai and Du Mai Vessels?

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Bladder infections (7/2019)

Continuing the discussion from Bladder infections: Can Acupressure for back pain cause bladder infections?

Bladder infections (7/2019)

Can Shiatsu or Acupressure cause Bladder infections?

Extraordinary Meridians (5/2018)

Hi Chad. Thanks so much for your time. I volunteer at a Shelter with women and children in Nepal… The child (16 but looks and behaves like a 9 year old) and his sister (18 but looks about 5)who has...

Extraordinary Meridians (5/2018)

I am working with someone who is physically challenged from birth. He is able to walk and get around but his spine, shoulder and legs are somewhat deformed. I thought the extraordinary vessels Master and Couple points may at least...

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