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Facia health possibility (12/2021)

65 yo male Arthritis in knees Dupreens contracture in hands Muscle stiffness especially legs after sitting Heat relaxes stiffness quickly Suspect facia health ideas?

Epiretinal membrane (12/2021)

Hi Any one had any sucsess treating a epiretinal membrane. Surgery has risks and not recomended at this stage.h Vertical and horiontal lines wavey and lefl eye vision not clear with objects 30% larger in effected eye. Craig54

Synovial cyst (12/2021)

HI I have synovial cyst on the joint of my middle finger (3rd PIP) any ideas except surgery. Craig

Dog with heat spots (12/2021)

I have a labrador on the Gold Coast in Australia and she is always breaking out in what I would describe as heat spots which she licks them until they bleed. Are we looking at liver heat and what points...

Osteo Pubis (12/2021)

Any thoughts for treatment of Osteo Pubis .

Testosterone (12/2021)

What treatment would you recomend for low testosterone in a 55 year old male. Craig54

Anklyosing Spondlitus (12/2021)

Anklyosing Spondlitus Has anyone had any experience with disease? I have read that the Immune system senses a bacteria/invader in the stomach /intestines. The immune system then attacts the invader resulting in an overhealing of joints.

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Epiretinal membrane (8/2019)

It’s for myself so any advice regarding points or protocol would be appreciated

Dog with heat spots (11/2010)

The Vet only answer is antibiotics every time it flares up.That deals with the condition not the cause.In the past I have been putting some MMS in her water which has gotten rid of any infection and I then wash...

Testosterone (8/2009)

Thanks Chad I will let you know if there is an improvement.

Anklyosing Spondlitus (8/2007)

ChadOk with above.However - why does the body/ immune system overheal and attack the joints.It starts with a bacteria in the stomach / intestines the immune system attacks the bacteria but doesnt know where to stop.I have keloid on my...

Anklyosing Spondlitus (8/2007)

Ok thanks ChadCraig

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