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"anon62135" They joined us in 2021.

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Root canal and tooth decay (12/2021)

Ive been diagnosed with severe dental decay and initially need 3 root canals Is there anything I can do to avoid the root canals? And how can I treat the decay generally? Is there a general meridian for the teeth...

Query re allergiesp (12/2021)

Hi I recently found your website and specifically Chad’s articles on allergies and I thought and hope you might be able to give me some guidance whilst I am in lockdown here in the UK I have a lot of...

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Query re allergiesp (7/2020)

Thanks a lot Chad. That is really helpful and much appreciated. Incidentally I have had mold issues due to a leak but did not realise that could contribute to inhaled allergy specifically muscle spasm! Many thanks again Evelyn

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