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"Moglee_Radha" is an acupuncture student from India. They joined us in 2021.

3 Most Recent Public Forum Posts by "Moglee_Radha"

Edema (3/2023)

Dear sir, How yin edema changes to yang edema n vice versa? Edema is two type non pitting n pitting type. Non pitting edema are yang type,pitting type is yin type If I am wrong kindly correct me.

Kidney yin deficiency (1/2023)

How kidney yin deficiency raised empty heat? Regards Debashis (India)

how can know which organ is effected in Insomnia (12/2021)

Hello , Q1. Kidney and Liver both have insomnia symptoms how can know which organ is effected Kidney or Liver ? Q2. “Kidney Weakness in this role can lead to issues such as chronic diarrhea or constipation.” Can you explain...

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