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"Veenasaraswati" They joined us in 2021.

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The magic begins once distant healing is requested (11/2014)

love that you would think of using energywork requests for the beinging of a common cold. what a great gift to have someone who can give you a energy immunity booster. I may have to play with this and offer...

Healthy Lifestyle & Daily Routine (11/2014)

I like how you hit several key points. meditationBreathworkpractical comfortmindful movement approriate music I beleive anyone using these 5 points to bridge from will improve there lifestyle.I would at quality eatting and drinking.

Traumatic brain injury and tuina (11/2014)

I suggest some light touch away from the body resetting the nervous system, you can use powder to help keep a smooth connection. I also suggest a lymphatic touch which is really light aswell and moves with the lymph lines...

Acupressure pain (11/2014)

Acupressure pain may hurt at first and then should disperse with the same pressure applied. If it does not to that it is not being applied correctly. Sorry to tell you that. I suggest you find a gentle chiropractor perhaps...

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