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Tmj (12/2021)

Hi,I have a patient that has TMJ and also headache in the temple and behind the eye area. Now her headache last 2 times has been in entire head and heavy. She has migraine and TMJ for the long time....

Yintang (12/2021)

Is it okay to use yintang and 3 jiaos together. I have seen some practicioners use it for every patient. Is it okay to use yintang and shenmen together?

Bone spur (12/2021)

I have a patient that is coming for bone spur in the heel area and golfers elbow. I cann’t find much useful information as treatment. should I surround the bone spur and try electrostem? Would treatment for golfers elbow will...

Pediatrics (12/2021)

What good pediatrics textbook about acupuncture and herbs would you recommend for practicioners? thank you

Point Combination 4 gates (12/2021)

When should four gates ( LI 4 and LV 3) be used together or more importantly when they sould not be used for a patient. From your previous answer you wrote to me that 4 gates can spread energy outward...

Melanoma (12/2021)

Do you know specific acupoints for melanoma and any herbs that would be good.

How long the treatment should last? (12/2021)

In my school clinic all the patients were treated for 20 minutes. I heard that in China they treat patients at least for 30 minutes to 1 hour? How long do you treat your patients for with acupuncture?

Alternating back and front treatment (12/2021)

I find your website very helpful. I have a question abuout using front body points and back body points. is it best to alternate it with different treatments. One treatment do front body points and when do back body points....

Bladder infection (12/2021)

I have a patient she isfemale 67 years old. She feels that she has a bladder infection since she hve had frequent urination that is better now and an uncomfortable feeling in her bladder. Shealso said that she felt like...

Oromandibular dystonia (12/2021)

What points can I use and what herbs?Patient is female age 59. She has oromandibular dystonia for 3 years and taking medication for it (diazapam), she is also smoking.

Quit smoking and ear infection (12/2021)

I am treating a patient that has chronic otitis inflammation of her ear. She had it for long time can I just use body points and would I get any results from that.

Acupuncture to quit smoking? (12/2021)

For quite smoking should I use electro acupuncture every time? What points should I use for electro acupuncture. Like connecting Lung 1 and Lung 2. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

Chinese Herbal Medicine to Quit Smoking? (12/2021)

What herbal fromulas or formula would you recommend to quite smoking?

Dislocated Shoulder (12/2021)

How do you treat it. Are the points the same as for shoulder joint?How long treatment last? What is success rate?Any information would be helpful.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for Thyroid Problem - Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism (12/2021)

What is your experience treating hypothyrodism and hyperthyrodism.I know it is also related to menopause.What herbs are helpful.Any information how to treat it will be helpful.

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Bone spur (11/2008)

Thank you for your help this is very helpful.

Post partum (6/2008)

For how loing it can be taken?

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