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"wyzecat" They joined us in 2021.

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Cluster migraines (12/2021)

Wondering what others experiences are with migraines. I have a 54 yo female post menapausal patient coming in who has had migraines for the last year. The little I know she has a very sensitive digestion and takes pepsid 2x/day....

Need some help (12/2021)

I had a new patient call me a few hours after his first treatment today, his chief complaint was neck tightness and overall stiffness. He has gotten dizzy, nauseas and de je vu, about 6 times since the treatment. I...

Herbs (12/2021)

I am starting to do my own formulas. What are some herbal companines people use to order individual powder formulas? Thanks

Ms (12/2021)

I have a new patient coming in with ms. It has attacked her spine and now walks with a cane. What results has anyone had using what points and herbs thanks Peace

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Need some help (5/2009)

Local qi and blood,Lv qi stag and blood xu points wereub 10, 13, 40gb 21si 11 - 13gb 41 thanks

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